Monday, October 27, 2014

Some more new collages

Go [HERE] and see some new works.
(Link opens in new tab/ window.)
Fuck cute!
(This picture is for all the people who came to my last exhibition and complained of all the "pornography" and wanted to see more "kittens and babies".)

Like I say, we were young and in love...
(When I'm old, very old and suckling the teats of dementia - this is exactly how I want to remember my beloved Pauline and our life together.)

Friday, October 3, 2014

New collages online

Howdy friends of scissors and glue!

In order to chillax and "take a break" from the constant collage-making of The Micturating Angel, I ... made a bunch of collages from old Nat Geos. Thanks to my buddy Cardinal Dotdline (who? click HERE ) who found a whole suitcase of the buggers at a garage sale. There'll be more of these coming and I'll be putting together a book (like I wouldn't) soon-ish...
Anyhoo, see the whole damn lot here:

You can purchase some of them here:

Here's a preview (the first one's called "Harmony", the other two are untitled):