Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Making of... : source materials & links

So I mentioned that my chum Tim Harris gave me the stack of comix I am re-working to create The Angel.

We're talking nearly every issue from 1976, so that's aboot 48 - 52 issues - some are missing.

Here's some background on them if you care.
First, according to Pat Mills, first editor of 2000AD (and all-round comics Godhead): 

"In its heyday during the seventies our now iconic Tammy sold 250,000 copies per week, which was more than 2000AD!"
( Check out mighty Pat [[HERE]]. )

I have to say one of the drawcards for me in this project is the artwork in these comics. I didn't know anything about girls' comics so I was quite surprised to see how well they are illustrated. The artists involved obviously dug drawing these strips. (Though some panels look to me like they were drawn for the readers' dads... *ahem!* ... naughty schoolgirl fights... girls in gymnast outfits fighting... etc, etc.)

Now. Here's some background on Tammy c/o wickedpedia:

Some stuff on 26Pigs (comix collector site):

And a wee interview with one of the writers (as well the source of the above quote by Grand Vizier Pat):

And last but definitely not least, here's what the good Rev.Doctor Tim Harris gets up to when he's not palming comix off to yours truly:
Look for contributions by Charles Dexter Ward. Fucking hilarious!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

FREE download for y'all (or you can buy it)

Okay kids. Here's a free comic book for young and old! It's the first 16 pages of the Angel PLUS the original Angel as well! You can download a free pdf and print it yourself, or you can fork out and buy a nice big A4 size book.
This edition shall be known as Volume 00, Issue 00.
Why should you get it? Well, for one it contains awesome stuffs (duh)! Also, the finished product will be quite different. The pictures will be in a different order, and there will likely be words. So this first (zero-eth) edition is quite unique in the history of this here comic.
Okay, links. (They open in new tabs/ windows.)

There is a preview version (ie: a little flash animation thingy) at the first link.

The ORIGINAL "Micturating Angel" [2001]

There was in fact a sort of predecessor to this comic. It was a small collage novel(la) I made back in 2001 in one night, and it was called "The Micturating Angel: A Tale of Science and Erotica." I had no agenda beyond making a book in one night.
It's really quite good and I always read it as a story of a man who makes and falls in love with an automaton, but alas!, the Inquisition knocks them out. (That is MY interpretation, you can have your own.) I really liked the idea of the story, so I've been meaning to expand this story a lot further, and once my chum Tim Harris gave me a truckload of old comics to work with - well, here we are. (Though it took a   few years to get started on it.)
Anyhoo, without further monkeying, here's the original Angel.