Thursday, December 18, 2014

New T-shirt design

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I want to be reincarnated as a dinosaur by Gadzooxtian

image c/o

Seriously - no-one's ever reincarnated as a dinosaur. No-one's ever been told by a psychic that "you were a dinosaur in a previous life". So maybe it only happens in the next life? I donno, but let's make it happen! If you know ANYTHING about how I can make this a reality - get in touch. Thanks in advance! (Till then, buy the T-shirt, you shmendrick!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

Portrait of me

Portrait of me drawn at work by a chap named Bishoy. There was a whole story there as well of me being an environmentalist jinn, who makes lions into vegetarian lions just to piss them off...

Love yer work, Bish!

The Meaning of Life

It's not rocket surgery.

Thursday, December 11, 2014 - website update


Added a bunch of FREE lo-res pdf preview files of books and comix to the merch and collage pages.
The point is for you to download these suckas and see if you wanna buy the actual book versions.
Merch page [HERE]
Collage page [HERE]

Oh and there's this:

It's called "On the 19th day" and I love it to death. You can grab a print of it from my redbubble store [HERE].

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New T-shirt added to redbubble

Wow, buy this for your mum for Xmas!

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Methdeth by Gadzooxtian
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Random thoughts on collage

1. Collage is not safe.
2. You do not connect with collage "intellectually" but "viscerally".

I tell you now I'm not speaking for all practitioners because 1) I don't know them; and 2) too many "craft" practitioners. Toooo many...

1.a - Collage that I do - not safe. If you want to make some money as an artist, take up painting, maaaaybe digitial art, but definitely painting. The idea that painting is proper art, capital "A" ART, is drummed into us all. People going to a gallery expect to see some "stuff" but definitely at least a painting or two. Otherwise it's not an art gallery, and you're just seeing weird shit or amateur crap. This is drummed into us early on.
So collage, is obviously amateur crap that anyone can do anyways. For you (me), the practitioner, this is not a safe path to take... Make sure you have a day job, kiddies!

2.a - Comprehension of the image is not necessary - but you do connect with it, on a gut level or some other no-words-for-it-but-it's-there level. You connect. How come? It makes no fucking sense and you're not dreaming, so how come?
For me the more incomprehensible the final image, the better it is. Something is happening - but what? - is a good enough response. Make mysteries, not answers!

Friday, December 5, 2014

New T-shirt design

Added a new one to redbubble just then:


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It just popped into my head whilst having dinner. If you check out pix of the original Space Invaders, the aliens are shooting crosses at you, hahahaha!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Three new T-shirts for Micturating Angel merch store

Added three new T-shirts to the Angel's online merch store. They depict the mysterious Secret Chiefs, who will be appearing as of Issue #5 of the Angel.
Have a looky HERE (opens in new tab/ window).

The Secret Chiefs [01] by surrealangel
image c/o

Published in an Anthology

The Micturating Angel issue 1 has been published in the Surrealist anthology "Hydrolith", c/o Oyster Moon Press, California.
Grabba copy from here:


Hydrolith 2: Surrealist Research & Investigations

Monday, October 27, 2014

Some more new collages

Go [HERE] and see some new works.
(Link opens in new tab/ window.)
Fuck cute!
(This picture is for all the people who came to my last exhibition and complained of all the "pornography" and wanted to see more "kittens and babies".)

Like I say, we were young and in love...
(When I'm old, very old and suckling the teats of dementia - this is exactly how I want to remember my beloved Pauline and our life together.)

Friday, October 3, 2014

New collages online

Howdy friends of scissors and glue!

In order to chillax and "take a break" from the constant collage-making of The Micturating Angel, I ... made a bunch of collages from old Nat Geos. Thanks to my buddy Cardinal Dotdline (who? click HERE ) who found a whole suitcase of the buggers at a garage sale. There'll be more of these coming and I'll be putting together a book (like I wouldn't) soon-ish...
Anyhoo, see the whole damn lot here:

You can purchase some of them here:

Here's a preview (the first one's called "Harmony", the other two are untitled):

Monday, September 29, 2014

New blog, new art, etc etc

This blog will now be a "What's news?" blog, keeping whomever informed of all things Gadzooxtian Productions.
For The Micturating Angel, I have set up a blog here:

Go there and grab your free copy of issue one NOW !

The Micturating Angel Online

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Random thoughts on collage

Ambiguity of words VS. ambiguity in images.
I make images to make the ambiguity "crystal clear" (or as DalĂ­ called it "concrete irrationality").
So the ambiguity created is exactly what I'm trying to say (without me knowing what exactly it is). There is no need for words as they would muddle the "message". (It's why I mostly don't title pictures either.)
Words can be ambiguous for many reasons - you misunderstand me, I misunderstand you, I don't speak the language, you lie, I lie, I'm jibber-jabbering, double entendres, and so forth. We're trying to communicate but the 'ether' is filled with random noise and obstructions - things come out as glitches.
(I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE digital glitching, btw.)
With collage, whatever it is I'm trying to say is nailed the fuck down (or glued) and presented to you in its FINAL form. There is nothing left to add or say or take or interpret or anything.
Sure it's ambiguous, but it is so on purpose. It was made that way. It's not trickery or cop-out - the image IS what it IS.
Crystal-clear ambiguity.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Why I'm anti-social a lot lately...

... coz I hate youse ALL!

No really, coz I'm busy as Hell working on the Micturating Angel.
Behold the evidence:

The mess, oh the flammable mess...

As above - so below.

I didn't end up using this page, but I'll use the idea again later...
(It took ages with a damn scalpel - ended up as a toy for the kitten...)

See, I waste my life cutting tiny, tiny bits of paper out...

... then glue them to pix of old ladies.


Collaging is anti-social, don't do it, stick with alcoholism it's more people friendly.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Infinite Collage Movie


Made an hour long film of the "infinite collage". Basically animated a whole lot of characters and scenarios. It's great.

Likey the soundtrack? Hear it in full or buy it [HERE].

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Music by Maniacs

My good buddy Mat Blackwell has written a rather interesting (philosophical) article about art and murder.

As in art by murderers.

Is it OK to like it? Why or why not?
The article is actually very good, and yours truly has been quoted in it as we sort of discussed this issue back n' forth via email.
Whilst it mostly deals with metal muzax, it's not written just for metalheads - like I say, it's an article about art "in extremis".
Read it here:

Music by Maniacs: Navigating the Tricky Ethics of Enjoying Art Made by Bad People
(link will open in a new page/ tab)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Micturating Angel update, or "The sloooooooooooooowness of collage-making"

A few days ago I realised I've been working on the Angel for almost two years.
And it's nowhere close to being finished, but it's very close to being launched upon the world.
Anyhoo, the purpose of this post - to show you why it takes so long to make this beast of a comic book.
The image below shall explain all. Namely it took me half an hour to cut out a little bush or flower the size of a guitar pick - which is then just one of many things within a panel, which is but one panel on a page.

(clicka to see it bigga, sucka!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

USCDs Complete Discography [32] - Fat Little Bastard - R666CK! Vol V. (2014-ish)

An Ep of 7 songs from the R666CK! series. (More to come, oh yes.)
These were all done with an acoustic bass and all date to a few years back ( I been busy).
One for those preferring more trad sounds. FLB can't deliver trad sounds, but this is in the neighbourhood thereof. Some "garage"/ "bedroom genius" music, with an acoustic bass as primary weapon of choice. Catchy, short and rather weird ditties about potato vampires, broken hearts, britches, Sir David Bowie, etc. It's hilarity y'all! And it stars Indigo Loki Aurora of "Stinky Picnic" on vox and toy piano on "Lemonade".

Video for "David Bowie (is still alive)"

Video for "Holes"

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Return of +3 Broadsword: "thee Monstrous Compendium"

It's been 7 years since I first released +3 Broadsword's "666 Sided Dice" (title suggested by A Demon Sheen of "The Horn" ), a rough-as-guts black metal album with a purely Dungeons&Dragons theme. The idea was obvious: without D&D where would black metal be? So why not have a purely D&D themed black metal band? (Coz BM is about Satan , you tool!)
Anyhoo, as the entries below illustrate, people dug it, which is kinda neat.
Fast forward 7 years, and I've finally finished the follow-up:
thee Monstrous Compendium.

U R scared now

An improved, more epic sound, maybe better song-writing too, seven brutal and epic tales from the realms of fantasy.
Click HERE to stream it while you read the track-by-track breakdown.

1. At the gates of The Temple of Elemental Evil
An atmospheric instrumental opening track that sets the mood of epicness and darkness. It is also a nod to old man Burzum, who used the AD&D image on his debut album cover, thus establishing a clear connection.


Heil Dungeon Master Varg Vikernes!

2. thee Monstrous Compendium
A fast and brutal track about the Bestiary/ Tome which contains the descriptions of so many of the monsters, freaks and beasts of the realms of D&D fantasy. A friend of mine had one years ago, we used to love flicking through it. The Beholder Beast was by far my favourite - a floating, snarling eyeball beast!
The song also contains two amazing one-take improv (!) guitar solos by A Demon Sheen, layered on top of each other. 

Here's the book:
Pink eye!

Here's the video for the song:
- for some reason I can't embed it... :-(   

3. Conjuring
THIS is what I believe black metal should sound like. I mean hats off to the founding fathers for creating an amazing musical genre (and quite a philosophy with it, but I'm talking more about the music here), but I always thought Abruptum's idea of dark musical chaos was more on the money. Bordering on the edge of music and things just falling apart. Bands like Gnaw Their Tongues, Furze, The Axis of Perdition (though not strictly a BM band) and some other bands I can't think of off the top of my head get it right. So here's a painting in sound of mad chaos magicians dancing around a fire in the middle of the night.
Run away traveller!

4. (Eye of ) The Beholder
And we're back to the Beholder Beast. The one on the cover of the Compendium. Look at that fucker! All eye and all teeth! Motherfucker!
I love the lack of drums on this song, the almost droning melody, the gritty vocals, and then boom-boom-boom "Look into my eeeeeeye!"

5. Majesty
Another instrumental and it almost doesn't belong here. I mean who thinks of Kings and Queens in the lands of D&D? Its monsters, wizards and warriors, no? Well, yeah, but who runs these giant kingdoms you giant nerd? And how epic ARE these giant kingdoms? Dassright! So here's an instrumental celebration of the majesty of Majesty.
Truth be told the song just did not turn out as epic as I would've liked, but its still a doozy.

6. Roll the Dice
I want this motherfucker of a song to be nailed to the forehead of every motherfucker who buys a D&D manual of any kind. Anyone who ever plays this stupid game should have a copy of this song.
Its fast, its furious, its catchy, its an instruction and a celebration, a battlecry, its a total WIN

7. thee Monstrous Compendium (instrumental version)
A Demon Sheen's amazing guitar solos get an airing here as we revisit the song without me screaming all over it. They were just too good not to be heard good and proper.

8. (hidden track: Thornspawn Chalice by Isengard)
This is an incomplete song, which is why its a hidden track. Its one of my all time fave BM songs by that ultra-genius Cap'n Fenriz.

Worship Him

The original song is just magnificently epic and brutal, and the vocals - fuck me, nothing like it before or since. I donno how drunk Fenriz was when he put those screams down, but they're unprecedented and unsurpassed. Chills!
Well, I wanted to cover it, but realised I had nothing to add and didn't wanna change it in any way, which begs the question - then why bother? BM Karaoke? We already get retards doing that on those TV karaoke shows.
So here's a rough, shitty instrumental take, badly played and unfinished, a doff of the hat, a bow to the Master, nothing more.

Okay, if you didn't click the link before, here it is again, stream or better yet BUY this bad boy.

Check out the video for the title track HERE.
Buy the official T-shirt HERE.

The Monstrous Compendiuuuuuummmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

What does this picture mean?

This is one of my pikkies at the current "Wrong Head" exhibition, at 69 Smith St Gallery (website HERE ).

It is called "Sacred Nasal Geometry".

Now, as a creator of rather ... I donno... "strange" pix, I often get that loathsome, and I mean LOATHSOME question "what does it mean?".
And fuck me people are pushy about wanting an explanation. The more polite I am about declining, the pushier they get.
So in the interest of explaining every goddamn picture I've ever made and will make, here's a wee insight into "Sacred Nasal Geometry".
The pikkie is a pisstake. Sacred Geometry is an occult concept (wiki article here), and occultists take a lot of baloney very seriously, because they read meaning into things. So here, a woman's nosebleed is in fact seen as an important thing to be measured and quantified and studied for exact meaning. It's not just blood, this means something and has significance.
Yet its just a nosebleed, and the study thereof has made it both important and utter bollocks.
We as humans (not just occultists) have this ridiculous need to understand everything around us, to find meaning in everything, including life - and I could digress here, but let's skip it. Actually no, here have some insight: Life has no meaning, you're welcome, move on.
This need to "know", "understand" "to find meaning" is exactly what is portrayed here. Therefore, this picture is taking the piss out of YOU, the viewer. You wanna know what this mysterious picture means, but it's literally just a mystery. It's a mirror, showing you your search for understanding the image you are looking at.
Mystery novels/ films are more fun until the killer is revealed. Bigfoot is exciting as a mystery and prevails despite debunking because we don't really wanna know, we just want a good, creepy mystery to baffle over.
Mystics understand they can never know their God, but they appreciate the mystery of not knowing and the wanting to know - without ever finding an (exact) answer.
And this is what this picture is - a mystery, nothing more, but also a pisstake of your quest for meaning, for meaning in this picture.

On the other hand, it could just be some clever application of principles of design/ Gestalt psychology ( wiki article here ).

So once and for all, stop bloody asking.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I been bootlegged !!!

Okay, so I put out this black metal album under the moniker "+3 BROADSWORD" in 2007. It's all about Dungeons and Dragons, its tongue-in-cheek... except D&D was/ is a huge influence on BM... The cover of the first Burzum album was an illustration from a D&D manual (The Temple of Elemental Evil, I think)... So it's kinda legit. Innit?
Anyways, my friend AD macHINE told me he's found videos for some of the songs on youtube, so after some investigating, here's a bunch of links I found to bootlegs, etc of this here album - and some other musical projex of mine as well! Holy shit!

Bootleg etc links for +3 BROADSWORD: 

Official site:
bootleg 1:
bootleg 2:
I'm big in Indonesia:
Official recognition, Pt1:
Official recognition, Pt2: (a rating of 18/20!!!)
Official recognition, Pt3:
Bootleg fan video 1:
Bootleg fan video 2:
Bootleg fan video 3:

Bootleg links for Fat Little Bastard:

Bootleg links for St.Kurten:

Bootleg links for k1ll 7h3 hum4n5:

Bootleg links for Demonist:

Now sing along:
FAME! I'm gonna live faw-re-vrrrrr....!

Friday, February 14, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to "The Infinite Collage" !!!

Whilst the world knows it as "The Infinite Collage", it's actually called ...with uninhibited fingers for the unfathomable..., and... umm, yes, mmm, yes, I can see why you'd rather call it "infinite collage".
Anyhoo, it's 5 years old today, and whilst Mat and I could've gotten it some cake, we instead chose to do this.

Dig it foo!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014

extract form a letter to Dan Kelly, re: collage

Background: Dan Kelly is an artist in Ballarat, we're having an exhibition together [HERE]. Link to his blog on the right hand side of the page, or [HERE].

"Collage is vandalism", eh wot?
I dig them words, I dig 'em a lot.
You know Outre Gallery in Melbourne? ( ) I love that place, even if I find most works in there shit. I went there yesterday to chuck in some of our flyers and I asked them "You fiends being knowledgable in the ways of the lobrow, recommend me some awesome contemporary collage artists!" They couldn't. They even googled it. We ain't shit in the world of lobrow. I kinda dug that. I practically threw the flyers at them and I actually yelled "I AM IT! COME TO MY EXHIBITION!"
Point being, we're so lobrow, not even lobrow will touch us. Vandals man, outcasts of art. Brut? Good place to be. It don't pay the rent, but it feels good.
I made this series of collages using a Rembrandt book (+ some other old masters books), which I was originally gonna call "I raped Rembrandt". Good thing I didn't. But I was totally driven by the urge to destroy, desecrate and vandalise these revered images. Great brush-strokes, but boooo-ring-uh!!!! Get over it! They didn't turn out as smutty as I would've liked, but they're pretty bloody good ( ). The process itself is vandalism, yes, but surely you've heard Bakunin's oft-repeated anarchist declaration that "The urge for destruction is also a creative urge!' So yah, for me, it's two sides of the same coin, but depending on what I'm doing. (And besides you stupid twat Bakunin, sometimes a cigar is a cigar and sometimes destruction is just that.)
I like to collage over notions of "beauty" and mess 'em the fuck up and make it BETTER. "Ugliness is a form of genius." - Genesis P.Orridge. "Beauty will be convulsive or not at all." - Andre Breton - they should totally knife-fight in a graffiti covered alley. My monies on P.Orridge - though Breton was a war veteran...
What was my point again? I'm gonna appropriate your slogan sir, *collage* it into my world.

Monday, January 27, 2014

An Appalling Deconstruction, Book 1

Howdy mortals!
Here's a teaser from my new comic, "An Appalling Deconstruction, Book 1". (Currently working on Book 2.)
This comic was drawn at work whilst I was actually doing work as well, so there are some mistakes in the drawings, but I did tidy it all up in Photoshop (plus added some minor colour here and there, etc).
The plot shifts endlessly and almost randomly: I had no idea what would happen on the next page until I got there myself.
So naturally, its quite surreal, and really quite good.
(Seriously, it has a topless werewolf Tiki bar lady in it! And more!)
Anyways, you're here for the comic, so here's the first ten pages, and if you wanna grab a copy, it's available from: 

Dig me?
Get it from here:

Couple of other silly things...

Just going through my hard-drive, cleaning it up, found some other silly pix:

I fukn love that show, even if it IS utter bollocks.

Friday, January 24, 2014