Friday, February 10, 2017

Let's talk about NOTHING

I am only speaking for myself here, but... I'm pretty sure my artworks mean nothing. No I don't mean they're worthless or that they mean nothing to me, I mean the age old question: "What does it mean?" or "What are you trying to say?" - they simply don't apply.
I'm not trying to say anything, or at least not a thing that is concrete, or a thing that can be explained in just a few spoken or written (or even sung) words.

Dali said something along the lines of "Just because I do not at the time of creation know what my picture is saying does not mean it doesn't mean anything."

But during, before and after - my collages aren't saying anything. They're not supposed to.

The picture is what it is - what is being said is right the fuck there - there are no hidden meanings. It is said via images - not words.
In words - my pictures mean nothing. I am not trying to express anything. I think people (even artists and critics) find it disturbing that someone would go to all that effort to say nothing.
Why do I HAVE TO say anything? What is the Universe saying by making a lump of rock? "Hey everybody, looky my rock! It's expressing quantum mechanics in a state of flux, but in a derisive way is mocking organic chemistry, vegetarians AND carnivores at the same time - that's right, you're Unky Universe is PRO rock-eating bacteria! But not really..."

What is the Universe trying to say?!!

Sorry, got side-tracked there.
I'm not saying I'm the Universe - well actually I am, as are you and everyone else-, but as a creator of images, I have to say I never launch into it with a clear-cut idea of what it will be - like many other artists, I search around until the image is done. It's not me communicating - it's the image telling me what it is. No, not in some stupid "psychic" or "occult" or whatever New Age bollocks sense - but in a "connecting with the unconscious" way. There (in the unconscious), it's pretty much just chaos and existence. It's the Last Words of Dutch Schultz - amazing, but jibberish ( 

So there you have it. My collages say nothing, and I'm proud of that. You savvy?

New Collages (it's what I'm good at, right?)

Hi Friends!

I've been positing (ha!), posting new collages at my tumblr. Well, new pix of old collages you've not seen yet. It's what happens when you move house - you find old cool shit.
Anyhoo - if yer the tumblr type (or even if yr not), get your peepers onto this here URL and it's contents thereof:

where you can find all kinds of gems, like this little beauty here from the Desert Gods series, from back in 2006:

"I boogie, therefore I am."