Friday, November 27, 2015

I'm-a workin' on a cartoon

This is already mentioned on my other blog for The Micturating Angel, but bragging is cool, so here, I'm making a cartoon!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Music is EVIL, yay!

My good friend A Demon Sheen of the IWML has an awesome podcast called Radio Earthling you should be paying attention to if you like your music WEEEEIRD.
He's asked me to put together an episode, so here be it:

Oh yes, its NSFW, like all good things made for adults tend to be.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hey world! Read my comic!

I totally forgot to mention that I've been sticking stuff on my other blog. The Micturating Angel ! Go there now! Read my comic for free!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Excuse me, your inner self is showing

Just occurred to me that collages - MY collages anyway-, are a Rorschach Test. Supposedly surreal art reveals the inner workings of the 'artist', but I have to say for years I've been looking at my stuff and wondering what the Hell I'm doing. People ask "what does it mean?", and I have no idea, or the explanation I do have is so silly as to reveal nothing more except that I'm silly.
However, people insist that my pictures MUST have a meaning, so I ask them what they think it means and eventually they tell me - often seeing things there that I never did.
Conclusion: my collages are Rorschach Tests. You see a strange image and you must explain it, but only in terms YOU understand. This is how I see it... This is MY interpretation...
I mean seriously, what am I trying to say with this pikkie (below)? Anyone? Wanna Rorschach it?

"Och there's poop in my eye. laddie!"

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Deep Dreaming in Hell

Oh sure, everyone's uploaded every selfie ever taken to Deep Dream by now (what? Click HERE to find out). And the results can be wonderfully nightmare-ish. One gets a Lovecraftian sense of "lifting the veil", as monsters pop out from our faces, from darkened shadows, from bright white skies.
It's all too beautiful!
Now, at the suggestion of my good buddy Mat Blackwell (who? Click HERE ), I've uploaded my collage book The Hell to a deep dream site ( - doesn't seem to be working anymore, but maybe it will for you).
Good thing I did it too - the results were astounding. The many insane characters of the book are now all validated: "DO YOU SEE!? DO YOU SEE THEM?! I WASN'T LYING, THERE ARE MONSTERS ALL AROUND US IN THE ÆTHER!!!"

Good times for all times!

Anyhoozers, here's a few randomly chosen pikkies from the book - I will be publishing the whole darn thing in the near future.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ever get bored at work?

So do I.
And then you start opening folders on your work computer. 
And you find the Pictures folder.
Party time.
(No copyright on these pix - take 'em!)
(more pikkies soon)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Some political shennanigans

I made these very quickly, so they're no masterpieces, but feel free to re-use them, no copyright.

One of these people is a Hellspawn maniac - the other one sings in a Metal band.

If you follow Australian domestic politix, this makes sense.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Funny story... If you like 'em morbid

I yak to people for a living. I ask them questions.
One of the last questions is a multiple choice, asking them about their current living arrangements.
The first option is:
1. Partner and no children

EVERY TIME I see the words "no children", this song below pops into my head.
This happens several times a day, so it's a good thing I like the song.
Enjoy the morbidity - turn it up LOUD and sing along!!

Hilarity?! Hell to da Yeah!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

You like travel docos?

My beloved Pauline and I went  to Japan for 3 weeks.
So here's a 3 part travel doco I made about our adventures.
Its funny, with a grrreat Japanese soundtrack (modern and old).


Monday, May 11, 2015

Viva la Revolucion!

New T-shirt design at redbubble...

CHÉ by Gadzooxtian
I don't get it.

Click the pikkie to go my online and grab one CHEAP.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Praise "BOB" - it's good to be me

I did a Google image search for "subgenius australia".
And what did I find? Right on the first page of results? ME!!!

The above is an undoctored image, except for the arrow pointing at my head.
Now I am a card-carrying reverend of the Church of the Subgenius, but this is unexpected.
And most welcome!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Fat Little Bastard album!!!! ( + updated links)

Heil fellows!

First - new Fat Little Bastard album!
This is the 14th album by FLB (not counting the 8 eps), and is called Shhh... Shut the Fuck Up and Listen to This. There's a lot of noise in the world by idiots, maybe they should just siddown and chillax with some music. Maybe even MY music... Either way, shut the fuck up.
Anyhoo, I've got 14 rapid punches in your ear waiting to go, songs about beards on surf demons, about Al Jourgensen from Ministry, and The Boy Who Came Back from the Dead rides again (for the third time!) as well.

Check out this bad boy in its entirety HERE.

"Is there merch for this amazing piece of music?", I hear you whine into the aether. Oh man, is there ever! Clicky HERE, bozo!

Re: fixed links. A lot of the links on the USCDS merch page at redbubble were old and outdated but they are now all fixed. Links from T-shirts go to the bandcamp site where you can stream/ download my musics. Woop-woop!

Leave it where you found it!

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Ladies and Gentlefolk, I am proud to present a new genre in music: 


A collision of surf rock and black metal if you will. Now let me point out for purists that this is not trve kvlt black metal, this is necro metal - harsh, gritty, but nought to do with Satan(ism). These are songs of the horrors of the deep blue, of the tropics, of the Tiki gods, cannibals, etc.
So without further ado, Behold!,


The debut Ep, Seventh Son of the Seventh Sea (yes, a Maiden reference [know your metal, click HERE ]) contains 5 epic tracks of surf-rock boogie colliding head-on with dark blastbeats and hideous ghost shrieks. Make no mistake - this album is dancey AND br00tal.
A collision of surf and hard rock/ metal is not so new. The Dead Kennedys have hooked it up with punk/ hardcore, Trey Spruance has attached it to EVERYTHING ever (Mr.Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3), and there's Zorn's Naked City. I would also like to doff my hat to THIS - something The Bermuda Pentagram does not sound like, but is a big fan of.
How is TBP different? I'm a fan of surf rock, more of modern stuff (eg: Hawaii Samurai , The Tomorrow Men), but I find whenever bands try to conjure up shark attacks or UFOs - well, it just ain't creepy enough. That's where metal is king, so why not go there? And since it's all about tremolo, why not go for the homerun and aim for Black Metal, or at least the necro sound? (Know your metal, click HERE.)
Enter The Bermuda Pentagram - five times as mean and dangerous as the Bermuda Triangle, with party vibes and deadly shark attacks, headshrinkers, and even Ku, Hawaii's god of War! 
Catchy surf riffs, beeping Hammonds, blastbeats and shrieks - you've not heard nothing like it, and this is just the beginning.

Rock out HERE
Grab a T-shirt HERE

\m/ Death to false metal!! \m/

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Working on two albums...

... by two bands. Expect new FAT LITTLE BASTARD (who? [HERE]) and another as yet secret project appearing very soon!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

New T-shirt design

For my band Fat Little Bastard (who? Click HERE).
New music soon - for now - new T-shirt!
Click the pikkie to go to the online store (opens in new tab/ window).

FLB - weird music for weird people by uscds
image c/o

I'm de best, shut yer mouf (FREE STUFF FOR YOU)

I wrote a book. It's great because it's funny. I wrote it in a week or so. If you're expecting amazing literature from a week of writing - you're an idiot. It's also illustrated, like ALL books should be. If you're expecting some pretty weird and funny stuff - grab it from here FOR FREE:
(Opens in new tab/ window.)

Here's the cover:

(Iz da Bibble faw da peepl !!1)

Oh yeah, you can buy it as a proper book from here: .

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Collages (the last of 2014)

Happy New etc -

Some new collages on ye olde website [ HERE ].
Like this one:

(Oh my god, worst scan job ever... )

I call this one Ancient Aliens - I donno why...