Tuesday, April 8, 2014

USCDs Complete Discography [32] - Fat Little Bastard - R666CK! Vol V. (2014-ish)

An Ep of 7 songs from the R666CK! series. (More to come, oh yes.)
These were all done with an acoustic bass and all date to a few years back ( I been busy).
One for those preferring more trad sounds. FLB can't deliver trad sounds, but this is in the neighbourhood thereof. Some "garage"/ "bedroom genius" music, with an acoustic bass as primary weapon of choice. Catchy, short and rather weird ditties about potato vampires, broken hearts, britches, Sir David Bowie, etc. It's hilarity y'all! And it stars Indigo Loki Aurora of "Stinky Picnic" on vox and toy piano on "Lemonade".

Video for "David Bowie (is still alive)"

Video for "Holes"