Sunday, March 27, 2016

Time for some sexy blasphemy...

Easter (blasphemous black metal) is back.
Composed and recorded Easter 2016.

It's not everyone's cuppa...

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Where it's at

Bored at Work, Pt. 2


Been meaning to post these for ages - some desktop alterations I've been doing when bored. The images are usually pix I find in the "My Pictures" folder, or stuff I pull from the company's official website. (Shan't name the company, if you need me to be exciting, pretend I work for the Pentagon or something.)
The funny thing is, it's finally taken off at work and now others are doing it too - some of them are quite hilarious.
Anyhoo, these below are my handy works - I had to take photos as we can no longer insert USB sticks to save them...
(Not all of these pix are desktops...)

[One of my personal faves.]

[This was originally a pikkie of Malcolm Turnbull with the caption added by someone else - i found it just too darn obvious, so I gave it a facelift and taa-daa!, It's "Bob" Dobbs! Praise "BOB"!!!!]

[Obviously not a screen-shot, my amazing DADA sculpture is (all of a sudden) entitled "Capturing the Tears of Giants is Eeee, Mrow, Here Comes that Comet, Lucy, Open the Marrow You Sexy Fool!"]