Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Excuse me, your inner self is showing

Just occurred to me that collages - MY collages anyway-, are a Rorschach Test. Supposedly surreal art reveals the inner workings of the 'artist', but I have to say for years I've been looking at my stuff and wondering what the Hell I'm doing. People ask "what does it mean?", and I have no idea, or the explanation I do have is so silly as to reveal nothing more except that I'm silly.
However, people insist that my pictures MUST have a meaning, so I ask them what they think it means and eventually they tell me - often seeing things there that I never did.
Conclusion: my collages are Rorschach Tests. You see a strange image and you must explain it, but only in terms YOU understand. This is how I see it... This is MY interpretation...
I mean seriously, what am I trying to say with this pikkie (below)? Anyone? Wanna Rorschach it?

"Och there's poop in my eye. laddie!"