Thursday, July 10, 2014

Random thoughts on collage

Ambiguity of words VS. ambiguity in images.
I make images to make the ambiguity "crystal clear" (or as DalĂ­ called it "concrete irrationality").
So the ambiguity created is exactly what I'm trying to say (without me knowing what exactly it is). There is no need for words as they would muddle the "message". (It's why I mostly don't title pictures either.)
Words can be ambiguous for many reasons - you misunderstand me, I misunderstand you, I don't speak the language, you lie, I lie, I'm jibber-jabbering, double entendres, and so forth. We're trying to communicate but the 'ether' is filled with random noise and obstructions - things come out as glitches.
(I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE digital glitching, btw.)
With collage, whatever it is I'm trying to say is nailed the fuck down (or glued) and presented to you in its FINAL form. There is nothing left to add or say or take or interpret or anything.
Sure it's ambiguous, but it is so on purpose. It was made that way. It's not trickery or cop-out - the image IS what it IS.
Crystal-clear ambiguity.

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