Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Random thoughts on collage

1. Collage is not safe.
2. You do not connect with collage "intellectually" but "viscerally".

I tell you now I'm not speaking for all practitioners because 1) I don't know them; and 2) too many "craft" practitioners. Toooo many...

1.a - Collage that I do - not safe. If you want to make some money as an artist, take up painting, maaaaybe digitial art, but definitely painting. The idea that painting is proper art, capital "A" ART, is drummed into us all. People going to a gallery expect to see some "stuff" but definitely at least a painting or two. Otherwise it's not an art gallery, and you're just seeing weird shit or amateur crap. This is drummed into us early on.
So collage, is obviously amateur crap that anyone can do anyways. For you (me), the practitioner, this is not a safe path to take... Make sure you have a day job, kiddies!

2.a - Comprehension of the image is not necessary - but you do connect with it, on a gut level or some other no-words-for-it-but-it's-there level. You connect. How come? It makes no fucking sense and you're not dreaming, so how come?
For me the more incomprehensible the final image, the better it is. Something is happening - but what? - is a good enough response. Make mysteries, not answers!

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