Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Deep Dreaming in Hell

Oh sure, everyone's uploaded every selfie ever taken to Deep Dream by now (what? Click HERE to find out). And the results can be wonderfully nightmare-ish. One gets a Lovecraftian sense of "lifting the veil", as monsters pop out from our faces, from darkened shadows, from bright white skies.
It's all too beautiful!
Now, at the suggestion of my good buddy Mat Blackwell (who? Click HERE ), I've uploaded my collage book The Hell to a deep dream site ( - doesn't seem to be working anymore, but maybe it will for you).
Good thing I did it too - the results were astounding. The many insane characters of the book are now all validated: "DO YOU SEE!? DO YOU SEE THEM?! I WASN'T LYING, THERE ARE MONSTERS ALL AROUND US IN THE Ă†THER!!!"

Good times for all times!

Anyhoozers, here's a few randomly chosen pikkies from the book - I will be publishing the whole darn thing in the near future.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ever get bored at work?

So do I.
And then you start opening folders on your work computer. 
And you find the Pictures folder.
Party time.
(No copyright on these pix - take 'em!)
(more pikkies soon)