Tuesday, September 5, 2017

About three films and my lack of English

Saw Terry Gilliam's BRAZIL at an arty cinema last night - not seen it on the big screen before.
It is astonishing. An absolute cinematic masterpiece. Just brilliant.

I first saw it on TV back in 87 or so, when my English was practically super-limited/ non-existent. And yet - how captivating it was despite the confusion (and some people who speak fluent English find the film confusing anyway)!!!

And it occurred to me that 3 of my favourite films ever - I saw as a boy with little to no English: BRAZIL, David Lynch's DUNE, and Ridley Scott's BLADE RUNNER.

There are many other films I saw as a boy-with-no-English, but these three were somehow very special in my head: there was something important happening on the screen in each one that I knew I had to revisit once I mastered the Queen's own vocab.

And I wasn't disappointed (even if you think DUNE is goofy). Is it their dream-like qualities? I mean they're all very visual films but the visuals DO NOT help you follow or decipher the story. I think it was the incredible confusion that had me coming back - why ARE these films so strange? They're not cops-and-robbers films, or soldier films or comedies... I knew that much.

I have no message or conclusion here, just an observation about how three amazing films - despite my utter lack of understanding of them - have managed to stay with me for life - and become my favourites - oh and how they did not disappoint once I did kapish.

You get what I'm saying?

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