Friday, March 16, 2018

Ugh, blargh, fart, vomitfuckoff

No disrespect to the artist's person, I'm sure they're an awesome character and maybe this work ain't indicative of their oeuvre, but looky this:

Yes, I posted it upside down on purpose. I can't remember the artist's name because it doesn't matter. Yes, I'm being rude - there is a point and you can be an adult and read on to find out or be a child and get "offended" and act like a dill.

My point: I am -




of seeing "vintage" magazine illustrations in collage. It's such a fucking trend. Shit, you can walk into one of those hipster stores with all the sloth things and buy a framed "vintage" collage print and look all trendy.
Now I get that a lot of artists are using these images because they're now in the public domain or are royalty-free some other way, but fuck me!, you're just doing what every fucking art student is doing.

Why not just make collages? Yes, old glossies do have a particular style and feel and appeal, but EVERY FUCKING ONE OF YOU is doing it - which means they all look the fucking same.

(Which is why the artist's name doesn't matter here.)

Make collages. Use EVERYTHING. Books. Mags. Stamps. Brochures. Found bits of paper. Photographs. X-rays. Wrapping paper. Other collages. Anything fucking printed, painted, drawn, whatever. Use your supposed imagination.
But please.


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