Thursday, February 21, 2013

Do I make comics?

People keep asking me this lately, so the brief answer is "Yes, amongst other things."
Primarily I make collages, both scissors-and-glue AND digital stuff.
Until recently I never thought of myself as a comics-writer/ artist. I published a comic last year (link below), and am putting together an anthology of shorter comics I've drawn, but I draw them at random intervals. I don't plan them, so I have no idea where they're gonna go, how long they'll be, etc.
More than anything I like to play with the format/ concept of a comic, so the final product looks and feels like a comic, but its more a random collection of images...
Anyhoo, the comic I published:

[click the image for outside link]

And there'll be another one real soon - both hand-drawn and otherwise.

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