Thursday, February 20, 2014

What does this picture mean?

This is one of my pikkies at the current "Wrong Head" exhibition, at 69 Smith St Gallery (website HERE ).

It is called "Sacred Nasal Geometry".

Now, as a creator of rather ... I donno... "strange" pix, I often get that loathsome, and I mean LOATHSOME question "what does it mean?".
And fuck me people are pushy about wanting an explanation. The more polite I am about declining, the pushier they get.
So in the interest of explaining every goddamn picture I've ever made and will make, here's a wee insight into "Sacred Nasal Geometry".
The pikkie is a pisstake. Sacred Geometry is an occult concept (wiki article here), and occultists take a lot of baloney very seriously, because they read meaning into things. So here, a woman's nosebleed is in fact seen as an important thing to be measured and quantified and studied for exact meaning. It's not just blood, this means something and has significance.
Yet its just a nosebleed, and the study thereof has made it both important and utter bollocks.
We as humans (not just occultists) have this ridiculous need to understand everything around us, to find meaning in everything, including life - and I could digress here, but let's skip it. Actually no, here have some insight: Life has no meaning, you're welcome, move on.
This need to "know", "understand" "to find meaning" is exactly what is portrayed here. Therefore, this picture is taking the piss out of YOU, the viewer. You wanna know what this mysterious picture means, but it's literally just a mystery. It's a mirror, showing you your search for understanding the image you are looking at.
Mystery novels/ films are more fun until the killer is revealed. Bigfoot is exciting as a mystery and prevails despite debunking because we don't really wanna know, we just want a good, creepy mystery to baffle over.
Mystics understand they can never know their God, but they appreciate the mystery of not knowing and the wanting to know - without ever finding an (exact) answer.
And this is what this picture is - a mystery, nothing more, but also a pisstake of your quest for meaning, for meaning in this picture.

On the other hand, it could just be some clever application of principles of design/ Gestalt psychology ( wiki article here ).

So once and for all, stop bloody asking.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I been bootlegged !!!

Okay, so I put out this black metal album under the moniker "+3 BROADSWORD" in 2007. It's all about Dungeons and Dragons, its tongue-in-cheek... except D&D was/ is a huge influence on BM... The cover of the first Burzum album was an illustration from a D&D manual (The Temple of Elemental Evil, I think)... So it's kinda legit. Innit?
Anyways, my friend AD macHINE told me he's found videos for some of the songs on youtube, so after some investigating, here's a bunch of links I found to bootlegs, etc of this here album - and some other musical projex of mine as well! Holy shit!

Bootleg etc links for +3 BROADSWORD: 

Official site:
bootleg 1:
bootleg 2:
I'm big in Indonesia:
Official recognition, Pt1:
Official recognition, Pt2: (a rating of 18/20!!!)
Official recognition, Pt3:
Bootleg fan video 1:
Bootleg fan video 2:
Bootleg fan video 3:

Bootleg links for Fat Little Bastard:

Bootleg links for St.Kurten:

Bootleg links for k1ll 7h3 hum4n5:

Bootleg links for Demonist:

Now sing along:
FAME! I'm gonna live faw-re-vrrrrr....!

Friday, February 14, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to "The Infinite Collage" !!!

Whilst the world knows it as "The Infinite Collage", it's actually called ...with uninhibited fingers for the unfathomable..., and... umm, yes, mmm, yes, I can see why you'd rather call it "infinite collage".
Anyhoo, it's 5 years old today, and whilst Mat and I could've gotten it some cake, we instead chose to do this.

Dig it foo!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014