Thursday, January 22, 2015


Ladies and Gentlefolk, I am proud to present a new genre in music: 


A collision of surf rock and black metal if you will. Now let me point out for purists that this is not trve kvlt black metal, this is necro metal - harsh, gritty, but nought to do with Satan(ism). These are songs of the horrors of the deep blue, of the tropics, of the Tiki gods, cannibals, etc.
So without further ado, Behold!,


The debut Ep, Seventh Son of the Seventh Sea (yes, a Maiden reference [know your metal, click HERE ]) contains 5 epic tracks of surf-rock boogie colliding head-on with dark blastbeats and hideous ghost shrieks. Make no mistake - this album is dancey AND br00tal.
A collision of surf and hard rock/ metal is not so new. The Dead Kennedys have hooked it up with punk/ hardcore, Trey Spruance has attached it to EVERYTHING ever (Mr.Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3), and there's Zorn's Naked City. I would also like to doff my hat to THIS - something The Bermuda Pentagram does not sound like, but is a big fan of.
How is TBP different? I'm a fan of surf rock, more of modern stuff (eg: Hawaii Samurai , The Tomorrow Men), but I find whenever bands try to conjure up shark attacks or UFOs - well, it just ain't creepy enough. That's where metal is king, so why not go there? And since it's all about tremolo, why not go for the homerun and aim for Black Metal, or at least the necro sound? (Know your metal, click HERE.)
Enter The Bermuda Pentagram - five times as mean and dangerous as the Bermuda Triangle, with party vibes and deadly shark attacks, headshrinkers, and even Ku, Hawaii's god of War! 
Catchy surf riffs, beeping Hammonds, blastbeats and shrieks - you've not heard nothing like it, and this is just the beginning.

Rock out HERE
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\m/ Death to false metal!! \m/

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Working on two albums...

... by two bands. Expect new FAT LITTLE BASTARD (who? [HERE]) and another as yet secret project appearing very soon!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

New T-shirt design

For my band Fat Little Bastard (who? Click HERE).
New music soon - for now - new T-shirt!
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FLB - weird music for weird people by uscds
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I'm de best, shut yer mouf (FREE STUFF FOR YOU)

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Here's the cover:

(Iz da Bibble faw da peepl !!1)

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Friday, January 2, 2015

New Collages (the last of 2014)

Happy New etc -

Some new collages on ye olde website [ HERE ].
Like this one:

(Oh my god, worst scan job ever... )

I call this one Ancient Aliens - I donno why...