Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bored at Work, Pt. 2


Been meaning to post these for ages - some desktop alterations I've been doing when bored. The images are usually pix I find in the "My Pictures" folder, or stuff I pull from the company's official website. (Shan't name the company, if you need me to be exciting, pretend I work for the Pentagon or something.)
The funny thing is, it's finally taken off at work and now others are doing it too - some of them are quite hilarious.
Anyhoo, these below are my handy works - I had to take photos as we can no longer insert USB sticks to save them...
(Not all of these pix are desktops...)

[One of my personal faves.]

[This was originally a pikkie of Malcolm Turnbull with the caption added by someone else - i found it just too darn obvious, so I gave it a facelift and taa-daa!, It's "Bob" Dobbs! Praise "BOB"!!!!]

[Obviously not a screen-shot, my amazing DADA sculpture is (all of a sudden) entitled "Capturing the Tears of Giants is Eeee, Mrow, Here Comes that Comet, Lucy, Open the Marrow You Sexy Fool!"]

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