Thursday, July 28, 2016

New collages

Spent my 42nd birthday making awesome collages. You can buy prints at my redbubble store [HERE].

Friday, July 22, 2016

True facts about me

I'm sort of working on an autobiography in case I get dementia later...

As the facts about me come to life, I shall add to this piece. Here are some true facts about me, and the title is


I was born in a now-dead century.
I was made in East Germany but born in Hungary - that makes me one part Australian, two parts former Communist.
I am the descendant of a Transylvanian Count and my ancestors were Ogres - some may even have been dog-headed Tartars, but of that I’m not certain.
My great-grandfather could not be killed by a bullet to the head and his wife was Little Red Riding Hood.
I’m in love with the Maharishi of Patagonia and was gay-married to a Cadaver.
I share a home with His Holiness Doomsquish Bojangles III and Standartenfuhrer Pickletits Meowchovich Junior Senior Junior.
My father was a Necromancer and an explorer of the afterlife.
My mother’s life can beat up your dad.
My sister is literally one in a million.
I have forgotten Russian.
I am allergic to Nature.
I once met a man who said people in India have been watching television for 10,000 years - but I did not believe him.
My name is longer to pronounce than it is to write.
I am a Pope, a Reverend, a Prophet and an atheist.
I am physically Jewish, but only since I turned forty.
I bought my name from the Government.
I am only half-way through my life, but since I intend to live much longer, I may only be a tenth of a way through, or less.
I’ve walked on the back of a Dragon and have bowed to a living God.

So far that's it - today I added the line about the Ogres and the Tartars - because they're true. Every word of this is true, not one bit is exaggerated.

[Here's a pikkie as an illustration - I found it after googling my name - 
'sokay, it's a T-shirt I designed...]

Monday, July 18, 2016

Inconsequential Exploration of the Psyche (free comic)

Hello young and old!
Here's yet another comic I drew at my work, this time a short one, starring my work-buddy Bish', c/o a photo by my other work-buddy Meagan (who's name I prob'ly spelt wrong again...).
This comic is about LIFE - yes, this is serious! Innit? Gah!


Friday, July 15, 2016

Infinite Collage updated

So friends, behold!
The INFINITE COLLAGE has once again grown by 3 metres of pure psychedelia.

Mr.Blackwell and I invite you to please peruse this wondrous work of art

Wednesday, July 6, 2016